Can taking allergy pills cause sinus infection pain worse

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can taking allergy pills cause sinus infection pain worse

If you are prone to getting sinus infections from allergies, be careful of the over-the-counter painkillers and allergy medications. This list can include pain relievers with Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen and all allergy medications. We have discovered that they can stress the liver unduly, creating more mucous in the body as the liver fights to detox from the medications. So instead of helping with sinus conditions, these sinus prescriptions actually exacerbate them! One sign of a stressed liver is that your mucous will get thicker and more yellow in color. A test you can do to monitor whether your body is having a hard time processing an allergy medication or pain reliever is to note the color of your mucous before you take the medication and then after.
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  • My mucous immediately got thick and yellow.

    I do not like to take medicines, but I was feeling so awful that I took some sinus medicine last night and went to bed. I woke up this morning feeling worse, this is my alleryg day. It lasts the whole day. I am absolutely loathe to take any kind of medication. First was the strep like symptoms, with severely swollen glands, sore throat, and fever.

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    Then the flu like symptoms: chills, body aches, low grade fever, sneezing, etc. Then my sinuses became so congested that my ears have been blocked for three days. I takiing so frustrated by the ear blockage, that I finally decided to take some guaifenesin to thin the mucus and hopefully unblock my ears. Well, the ears are still blocked and now instead of the clear and free flowing mucus I incection before, I have thick brownish yellow mucus, with bloody flecks in it.

    My sinuses are in serious pain.

    Apr 27,  · I usually tell my patients to NOT take antihistamines when they have sinus infections. These medications will often dry you out too much and then the mucus won't drain from the sinuses. It's a nice breeding ground for bacteria. Oct 21,  · Moreover, if you are prone to getting sinus infections, be forewarned this is an early warning signal of an impending sinus infection. The time frame from allergy to sinus infection is very fast, so you must take action quickly. If you’ve noticed this reaction to pain relievers or allergy medications, please let us know. The types that many of the posters are referring to that you can buy over the counter are the ones that can cause problems and most doctors no longer recommend them. I used to suffer from chronic sinus infections, but have gotten relief from Nasonex, a chiropractor and allergy medication. Good luck.

    I wish I had looked infectioj into remedies before going with the cold medicine. I use an ear syringe to shoot the silver solution way back into the recesses. One good squirt on each side of perhaps a half teaspoon amount in each application. Then ten minutes later do it again. Most infections will be gone in four or five applications. Some viruses are especially hard and you might have to apply for a sorse or longer. You will likely feel a burning especially on one side where the infection is dominate.

    If you know someone who home makes the colloidal silver get a bottle from them as the quality is going to be stronger than the brands at the store. If the infection has gone to the lungs, get a good steam maker that is made to fit onto the case so you can breath the silver solution deeply. Do this three or four times daily for about five days. The silver will keep the infection allervy going further.

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    Breath in deeply the steam for at least five minutes per sitting. If you suspect a systemic infection you will have to drink the silver in 8 oz doses twice a day on an empty stomach for up to six months.

    Properly diluted no tinting of the skin will take place. If you have had a paim infection in the past such as chronic ear infection; strep; fan and you never really got your strength back and then persistent headaches such as migraines four or five times a week, then suspect viral miningitus.

    You will have to be on silver solution for a year or xause. This is done only if you believe that you did not recover from a serious infection such as listed above and other symptoms demonstrate that the virus is in the brain.

    can taking allergy pills cause sinus infection pain worse

    For such a serious condition you will also be drinking the solution for months until symptoms are gone. Keep invection up until the virus is truly killed. Men may find an added benefit. Some find that frequent urination is reduced with drinking silver solution on an empty stomach. Twice a day.

    can taking allergy pills cause sinus infection pain worse

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    5 Ways You Might be Making Your Sinus Infection Worse | Mucinex® – Mucinex USA

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    OTC Painkillers and Allergy Medications Can Cause Sinus Infections - Earth Clinic®

    Joanna from SF, Caause. April 3, at am. Reply to Joanna. Judy from Hawkesbury, Canada. August 25, at am. Reply to Judy. Dana from Noblesville, IN. June 11, at am. Reply to Dana. Taking it easy during the day and getting enough sleep at night are key to giving your immune system the energy it needs to do its job.

    Doctor says don't take antihistamines for sinus infection

    Going to work, meeting all your deadlines and keeping the same pace you did before you were sick can leave you feeling totally depleted. Allow yourself to slow down, especially in the first few days when symptoms are at their worst. On the other hand, drinking enough fluids can help thin your mucus, which makes it easier to get rid of. Ice-cold drinks can soothe a sore throat, while hot drinks will help loosen mucus.

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      Approximately 90 percent of acute sinus infections are caused by a virus. Although such infections tend to last only about a week, the stuffy nose, sinus pressure, headache, sore throat and general lack of energy can interfere with your life in the meantime.

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